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Learning to hit the serve

The serve can seem like a very hard thing to learn for beginning players, but when broken down it becomes very simple. I have a drill for you that I think will help.

The first thing you want to do is to start at the service line on the duce side. Take some balls and toss them into your opponent's service box as if you were throwing a baseball over handed. Once you have made a few in your opponents box move back a few steps and continue to move back until you have reached the baseline. After completing these steps do the same thing on the ad side of the court.

Once you have completed this drill go get your racket.

Choke up on the racket so that your hand is close to the head. Start from the service line as before and start throwing balls up and hitting them to your opponent's service box. Gradually move back a few steps each time you make a shot, but if you miss then move forward a few steps. Repeat the same steps on the ad side. You will find as you move back you will let your hand fall closer to the bottom of the grip for more power.. You now have a serve and can play a match.

The main point to this drill is to be able to find the ball and make a comfortable reliable swing that you have had since little league and never knew it. Keep practicing and soon you will get into more advanced spin serves.

Tennis is easy when you don't complicate the learning process!

If you have questions about the drill above you can call 828-310-0094 to set-up a lesson.

If you are not close to enough to take a private lesson then you can go to to check out Oscar's site. He has tapes that are similar to the way that I teach.

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