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Getting to every shot!!!


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I know playing in the juniors it seemed that whenever I played really good players I was always on the defensive chasing balls. I was really fast as a junior but still some shots Superman would have had trouble getting. Once I realized the reason this was happening I became a player and left the retriever at home tie to the porch.


The first reason for the problem is not hitting deep enough. A short ball will be punished cross-court or down the line the majority of the time by a good player. All you can really do is stand there and admire the shot as it goes past you or throw up a weak lob. To solve this problem we must first understand how to hit a deep ball. A deep ball is not a floater but one that is hit hard with tons of topspin so that the ball falls in at your opponent's feet and shoots towards the fence. No opponent will be able to jump on this shot. Take sometime to practice this shot with a partner or ball machine. Use combs to aim for at the baseline. This will help you get a better since of your target area. Once you feel that you have your spin and power down play a match with a friend. Change the rules of the game by making anything landing in the service area being out. This will force you to hit deep, but don’t start pushing the ball just to keep it in the perimeters of the game. Be confident and hit the ball hard with topspin clearing the net by a wide margin. If you hit the ball with enough spin and height it will be impossible to knock out!


The second reason for the problem is court position. You have to be in the right position on the court after hitting your shot. If you hit down the middle of the court then you will need to be standing at the center of the service line. If you hit crosscourt then you will need to be standing to the right of the service line and if you hit down the line you will need to be standing to the left of the service line. If you have any questions on this you can e-mail me at So finally leave the retriever at home and go play tennis!!!