Kids Tennis

kids Tennis

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It's never to young to start!

I started my daughter playing at the age of four. I wanted to make sure that her practices were fun, but built solid fundamentals. My daughter wants to play in the juniors when she turns 8, but has a couple years before she will be old enough to enter the events. I have learned as much from her, as she has me during the past two years we have been playing. I guess the biggest lesson is patience. Make the game fun and kids will do great things.

Is my child to young to learn tennis?

Kids mature at differen't ages. I would recommend that children under the age of six are to small for lessons, but there is always the exception to the rule.



Nadia getting ready to hit a backhand.

$20.00 for one hour.

March Promotion: $12.00 for one full hour.



Don't wait to get started!