Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

What makes you different then other professional tennis teachers?

First I really care about my student's success in the game of tennis. I have some students that want to compete in tournaments and others who are just happy to rally the ball with friends, but in any case I want to see them meet their goals. Second I teach in away that simplifies the game for beginners. Tennis does not have to be complicated to learn and play. Third I teach you to play tennis like the professionals. The way conventional tennis is taught is not how you see the professionals play on television. If you are going to invest the time in tennis then why not copy the best.

Can anyone learn tennis?

Everyone can learn to play tennis and can start hitting balls in a short period of time.

Why are your lessons so much cheaper then other professional teachers?

I love to teach this game and I feel that I can help more people by keeping my prices down.

How long before I can see improvement in my game?

For most people you will see drastic improvement by the end of your first lesson.

Do you offer group lessons or just private lessons?

I mainly offer private lessons but if you have a group of people who want to take lessons then I would be happy to accommodate your situation.

Who will benefit most from your teaching?

Beginners and intermediate players will benefit the most. Advanced players are already doing what I am teaching but will benefit from drills and having the awareness of why their strokes work.

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